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Al Ansari International was formed in 1993 by Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Ansari, a young Qatari entrepreneur who commands a high degree of respect and influence in the local business community. As Chairman of the company, Mr. Al Ansari and MD Mr. P.P Faisal have placed the General Management of Al Ansari International in the capable hands of Mr. N.V Kader, a professional with 40 years experience at the marketing and retail ends of the business. The company has subsequently developed its interests progressively over the years.

Mr. Kader is ably supported by his team of qualified professionals in the purchasing, marketing, sales, customer service and support areas. Al Ansari International has develpoed in tune with the fast growing Qatari economy that places heavy demands on local business to keep pace with national expansion plans. Consequently, over the years Al Ansari International has diversified its activities to become a leader in distribution, supply and sale of a wide variety of products that include a full range of toys and household goods.

Al Ansari International's many activities are supplemented and supported by a comprehensive range of international manufactures and suppliers along with its excellent warehousing facilities in Doha. The company's professional approach to the market, good distribution channels, caring sales and customer service personnel, we are able to provide Qatar with a first class service that is essential in today's business environment. Besides Al Ansari International, we have Al Ansari Global Services and Al Ansari Centre.

Al Ansari Global Services have been succesfully operating in ship supply sector and a leading supplier to ships and ofshores. Al Ansari Global Services has been able to meet the demands of deck stores, engine and gallery stores within the time frame given by the customers. Al Ansari Centre looks after the different products like cosmetics, garments, stationary and electronics.


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